Sunday, June 24, 2007

Abraham Richardson? Franklin Delano Richardson? Alan and Laura?

Some people try hard to be funny and they shouldn’t. Raymond Hayward is not one. The Legislative & Resolutions Committee and laughter normally would not be used in the same sentence, but Hayward, the general manager of the Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency and this year’s chair of the L&R Committee, brought down the meeting room Sunday afternoon.

Hayward warmed up with a series of questions about Alan Richardson’s achievements, drawn from the Internet. Attendees learned that “Alan Richardson” was an expert on deep body message, had authored several extremely esoteric papers and recently appealed his conviction. Sitting in the back of the room, Alan H. Richardson was visibly amused.

The highlight was Hayward’s slide show on the uncanny resemblance between Richardson and several U.S. presidents (hence the headline of this blog). You had to be there.

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